An Introduction of Sorts


I'm glad you've stumbled onto this page that will inevitably turn into a public journal full of my misadventures in Provo, UT, Las Vegas, NV, and New York City (in just a couple of months.)

I'm excited to keep chronicles of my often-times spontaneous, irrational choices and episodes. I'll also share the good stuff, because this is my website and I should probably do that. 

If you don't know me super well, let me tell you some random stuff that might come up later. 

  • I am a Catholic girl in year four at a primarily LDS private school. Sometimes I get in trouble for drinking caffeine. Shoutout to Gayle for keeping me in line- for real. 
  • I really really really really really really love Super Mario Brothers, especially playing with my best friends Maddie and Krista. 
  • My sister is in the Music/Dance/Theatre program with me at BYU and it's SO FUN (jk it's stressful and we cry a lot haha but at least we have each other.)
  • I am truly obsessed with Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw is one of my role models. I consider myself to be a Carrie/Charlotte hybrid.
  • Lorde's Melodrama changed my life. 
  • I am extra. 

Alright, that's all for now. I promise this week's entry will be more exciting, perhaps going a little further down a path that reflects my cliche blog page name. We'll see. 

Ellie Smith