This One's About You

Surprise post because I’m out-of-my-mind bored on a plane to San Diego. I’ve already memorized my callback sides and written plenty in my diary. So here we are.

During the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on memories associated with people and little reminders that pop up and can take us immediately back to the thrills, the heartache, and the excitement from any given moment. I’ll spray an old perfume and be taken back to the few months I wore it and the emotions that swirled around in my during those that time. It’s insane that our acute senses are so tuned into the little things. 

While I’m not writing about Chanel No.5 or Anthropologie’s Vanille today, (my favorites, by the way) I am writing about a method of time travel that I run into more often than not: Music that reminds me of the boy that made me listen to the song in the first place. 

Juvenile? Absolutely. Kinda fun to reminisce when the old 2010 Taylor Swift song comes on? You bet. 

Hidden within my go-to, everyday Spotify playlist, are songs that bring the memories to the front of my mind as soon as I hit play. About halfway through this flight, I separated them and put them in a new playlist which I’ll attach for your guessing pleasure. (I’m talking to you, exes.)

This One’s About You  is filled with songs from 2010 til now, each of which points to a figment of my past. Some of the more important figments have up to seven or eight songs dedicated to our rollercoaster relationship, while others have one significant, defining Lorde or Dua track that I hand picked to blast/laugh to/cry to in my car.  

No, I’m not going to reveal who’s who. If you know me, and more importantly, if you’ve dated me, you’ll figure it out. Happy hunting!  

Ellie Smith